Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Well my family and I made it back from our trip safely - tired but satisfied. We saw many wondrous sights across a number of terrains, including:




Now allow me to share with you the things I learnt on this road trip.
  1. My boys are capable of reducing their methane emission when the need arises. Hubby and I told them that farting was not allowed within the confines of the campervan. It took them two days before breaking the rule (and wind).
  2. We discovered a new game on the drive - Dodge the Blue Tongue Lizard. The heat was up so they were constantly endeavouring to discover the warmest  place to sun bake. The road seemed to be a favourite spot for most them.
  3. NECESSITY DEFINITELY TRUMPS PREFERENCE. I was forced to do the one thing I swore I would never do - use one of those holes in the ground campers like to call toilets. My stomach gave me little choice unfortunately, but one good thing did come out of it. It helped my eldest get over his aversion to peeing outside. He took one look in the so called toilet and went outside to water a tree.
  4. In the Northern Territory, around Uluru fashion is a little different. The phrase 'Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise' takes on a whole new meaning. Bling has been replaced by fly nets. They come in a range of colours, with one purpose - to keep the flies away from your head. After a fly flew up one of my nostrils, I decided to buy what quickly became my new favourite head wear. Now if only they would accessorise the nets with something other than flies.
  5. Finally, DON'T GET READY FOR BED TIRED. We've all heard the saying, don't drive tired, well we discovered that driving wasn't the only thing you weren't meant to do when you're feeling sleepy. After a busy day driving, hubby and I were trying to organise the campervan for the night. We had just set up the boys bed when we noticed little bugs flying around the light. Every time we got rid of some, more would appear. We couldn't figure out where they were coming from and ended up convinced that there must have been a gap in one of the windows. It turned out there was a huge gap where I had forgotten to close the back door after getting the bedding out. Opps!
As you can see we had an absolutely wonderful trip (one that I have no desire to repeat mind you). The boys got many souvenirs, while I bought one. I think it's the most appropriate thing I could have bought to remember this trip. Here is it below;

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