Thursday, 17 April 2014

This has been my favourite books to write so far. I think part of it is because I am finally getting the hang of  what is required of me as an author. The other part, I really love one of the characters, and he's not one of the main ones. As an author, I try to connect with the people I am writing about, but there is just something special about Aden. He's a character whose story I am hoping comes to me soon. He deserves happiness, but also a bit of sass from his chosen mate.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Look what's available for pre-order!

Release Date : 17th April 2014
Abused by her wolf shifter father because she was unable to shift, Ellie moved away at the age of eighteen. For seven years, she lived as a human. Now, she finds herself thrown back into the shifter world when she meets her mate.

As soon as Gabe meets Ellie, his bachelorhood is doomed. But she’s hiding something. On the day of their mating, Gabe discovers her secret, leaving him feeling betrayed. Her refusal to defend her secrecy pushes Gabe to tell her to pack her bags. He soon realises he overreacted, but it’s too late. His mate has disappeared.

While dealing with her mate’s rejection Ellie transforms for the first time. But she’s no ordinary wolf. Trying to come to terms with her newfound responsibility, as well as her heartbreak, Ellie remains unaware that Gabe’s searching for her, desperate to apologise. When he finds her, can she find it in herself to forgive him?