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Okay It's the weekend and everyone deserves to curl up with an amazing book. And I have just the one. April Zyon released a new book this week and I for one love this woman and her work. Now who better to tell you about her new book than the lovely author herself. Take it away, April.
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Release Date: 2/25/2015
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
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Author: April Zyon
Series: Massey Texas
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When handed the Intel on a potential threat Martin Carver had no idea it would be what led him back to the town of his birth. At age nineteen he’d left Massey, Texas in his dust. But now when the life of someone he loves being threatened even the claustrophobic town won’t keep him from protecting her. And God help those after her.

Taking over her father’s practice had always been in the cards for Athena Rhodes. What she didn’t expect was to take over from him was the baggage that came along with the business. Law abiding woman that she is, Athena reaches out to get some help. Not in the cards was having the only man to ever hold her heart walk through the door, and tell her he was there to get her out from under the mob.

Everyone has always believed Martin to be the classic do-gooder. Building homes in third world countries, off saving the whales from drilling platforms, or any number of stories that have filtered through Massey through the years. To find out every single one of those stories were nothing more than fairy tales is one thing, to find out he’s actually an FBI agent will take some getting used to.

Athena’s running out of time, the mob having set a time limit on what they require her to do. If she fails to follow their demands to the letter it will mean her father’s life. Unsure what to do she will lean heavily on Martin, and hope he doesn’t let her fall.

The clock is against them to keep the woman Martin loves and her dad safe. He’ll do whatever it takes to end the threat rising against them. Because he’s got an all or nothing plan. What could go wrong?

County Line
Massey, Texas

He didn’t know how long he’d been sitting there staring at the sign announcing, “Welcome to Massey, TX Population 5,609 and growing!” but the hood under his ass was cooling, and the sun had reached its highest point. Hell, it was starting the slow slide toward the horizon.

It had been a long, long time since he’d been home. The last time he’d been there he’d flown in for his pop’s funeral, stuck around for the meal, and then got the hell out of Dodge. Since then, he hadn’t been home once. He called, though, every single weekend right after his mother had finished breakfast on Sundays. They would chat for exactly one hour and fifteen minutes. No more, no less. The woman always had enough gossip to fill that time, so he rarely had to say much of anything.

Yet, here he was. Staring into the abyss of the quintessential small town. Ranches and farms spread out as far as the eye could see and beyond. Nestled in the middle was Massey. His hometown, and the place he’d burned rubber to get away from the moment he’d turned eighteen. Unlike his brothers, Martin had always hated coming back. To him, it had felt claustrophobic. Whether from his family’s expectations, or from his own uncertainty about the future, he didn’t know.

This time was no different. So, there he was, sitting on the hood of his ‘66 Mustang. While she maintained her shape, he’d given her a few tweaks over the years. A new paint job when he was eighteen, and a new hemi engine when he was twenty-two. There were a few other not exactly legal additional elements to Eris, named after the goddess of chaos, strife, and discord. His brothers had actually named his car, but he’d let it stick. Hell, he’d even gotten a little name plate that was attached to the dashboard right over the speedometer.

Martin shook his head, leaning back on his hands as he continued to stare in the direction of the town. He remembered back in high school a rumor Frank had told him about. His older brother had apparently also started it, but he denied it with a smirk every single time Martin confronted him.

According to the “rumor,” if a girl managed to talk Martin into taking her out a date, she prayed he’d be driving Eris. If he showed up in his pop’s old pickup truck, then she knew she would be getting walked to the front door, given a peck on the cheek, and he’d promptly leave to never call her for another date. But if he showed up in Eris, the girl would be getting a tour of the backseat, on her back, and things would be a rocking.

Not once had Martin ever taken a girl out in Eris. There’d been one he’d thought about, right before leaving town for good, but she’d been too young, and he definitely hadn’t needed that sort of thing to follow him or her around for the rest of their days.

Athena Rhodes. Named for the virgin goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts, and literature. A more perfect name for the woman in question there never would be. She’d always had an ethereal quality about her, always thinking before leaping, and was the one woman who still had him jolting up out of bed in the middle of the night from the dreams she starred front and center in.

Not the teenage version of Athena Rhodes either. Nope, he knew exactly what she looked like as of four weeks ago. Hell, he even had her photo in the folder sitting on the passenger seat of his car. The rest of what was in the folder was why he was there, despite digging in his heels with the director of the FBI. Fucking bastard found it funny that Martin didn’t want to go home for a visit and deal with the trouble Athena found herself in. In the director’s mind, it was two birds, one stone. In Martin’s, it was a colossal fuck up in the making. Especially if Athena was anywhere near it.

Athena, bane of his existence. She’d been just starting to come into the woman she would one day be when he’d left Massey. Now she was more than he could ever have imagined. Five-foot-seven, long, rich red hair the color of a wine with hints of copper and strawberries. Green eyes that could lighten with amusement or darken like a coming storm. Athena had the stereotypical redhead temper, though he knew from his mother’s gossip she rarely showed it any more. So she’d gotten it under control. Should be interesting to test that theory.

Pale golden skin, just a hint of a tan, with a smattering of freckles over her nose and upper curve of her cheeks. A slightly rounded face with amazing bone structure, straight nose, slightly pointed chin, gave her face a heart-shaped look. A long ,elegant neck he’d imagined nibbling on in his quest to discover if there were freckles anywhere else on her body. His dreams said yes, but Martin didn’t think he’d really ever find out.

To top off his perfect woman’s image, Athena had some meat on her bones. She was built like a woman, sturdy, and not like one of those twigs from Hollywood that would blow over if you sneezed in their direction. She was, quite literally, his dream woman given form. Or maybe, he should say, she was the woman of his dreams, if only he had the nerve to tell her.

His other problem with the woman. She got him all twisted up inside, and turned him into a babbling fool. Or she had. Martin really hoped she still didn’t have that particular effect on him. ‘Cause that would just be the fucking icing on the cake for this whole damned trip.

The sound of an engine pulled his attention back, and he let out a sigh when the truck got close enough for him to recognize it. All the time in the world seemed to have passed, and the damn pickup truck that was used around the Carver Ranch was still exactly the same. Squinting slightly at the reflection off the windshield, he waited for his brother to swing it around and park it behind the Mustang.

The crunch of boots to gravel told him where his big brother was, yet still, he waited. Only when the other man slid onto the hood next to him did he give a nod. “Frank,” he said quietly.

“Martin.” That was it, nothing else.

Course they didn’t really need to say much of anything else. Despite rumors to the contrary, ones sort of started by him, he and Frank had worked together more than once. They even talked on a fairly regular basis. While Frank had worked for a different branch, and under different mandates for the US government, Martin had always been his brother’s contact inside the bureau.

“Eris is looking good,” Frank said after another ten minutes of silence.

“She held up well on the drive. Only got a bit cranky with me outside of Dallas. But a quart of oil and she was purring like an overgrown kitten again.”

Frank snorted out a laugh at that. “I can’t believe you still have her.”

“Dude, she’s family. Quit trash talking my car.”

Hands up, Frank cracked a grin. A real grin. As in teeth and everything. While Martin was staring in shock, he missed what his brother was saying. “What? Sorry.”

“I asked you how long you plan on sitting out here. According to Willard, you’ve been here since eight this morning. It’s now nearly two in the afternoon.”

Heaving a sigh, Martin shoved his hands through his pale blond hair. Out of all the Carvers, his was the lightest in color, but his eyes were the darkest. The oddities of the familial gene pool. “Working up the nerve to drive across the county line is all.”

“Uh-huh. You do know that Mama’s already heard you’re here. And the fact you are sitting here, and not at her kitchen table where she can smother you with all that built up motherly love, means you are in seriously deep shit, little brother.”

Martin winced at that. Yeah, his mama would hug him, weep all over him, and then likely bean him with her rolling pin. Theresa Carver was in no way a pushover. She might play the part occasionally to lure the unaware in close, but then she struck. She could make a grown man in a full rage cry like a little girl in under two minutes. Without even batting a lash. She was that good.

“So, what has you here?” Frank asked.

Normally, he wouldn’t discuss it, but Frank still held his beyond top secret clearance level, and likely would as long as he was still breathing. “Athena Rhodes, or rather her dirty, lowdown scoundrel of a father.”

Frank’s head whipped around to look his way. “Shit. You got handed that one?”


“Well fuck me.”

Yup. Pretty much Martin’s exact thoughts on the matter.    

A small aside about the series, Massey Texas, from the author...  
I’ve always been fascinated with Cowboys. I know, most people are but to me there is just something super sexy about a man who is willing to work his ass off for a living. Something that’s incredibly hot about a man who knows how to work the land with his own hands. When I originally started Massey Texas with Rhys Hollister and Gwen Baker I never dreamed that one of the families central to the story would stand up and take center stage, but they did. The Carver Family stood out pretty much from the get go in this series and they had to have their stories told. Massey Texas has been a wonderful thrill-ride fro me, each time the characters spoke they tended to throw me for a loop, so to speak, and I loved every single moment of it. While I’m tentatively ending this series at this book, the 9th in the series, it doesn’t mean that I will never revisit it one day in the future. After all, there were a couple of babies born to the Carver family that might eventually need their stories told! I truly hope that you have all enjoyed the Massey Texas series as much as I have, and I hope that you will continue to read the books that I put out as either April Zyon, or Honor James.  
~~~ Peace and love my friends, and be good to each other!
April Zyon (Also known as Honor James)
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Second round edits are now competed and Devil Takes His Innocent is back in the publishers hands. I still have the second book to edit before submitting it and then doing the same with my YA book. Somehow I had expected most of this to be done by now, but once again life seemed to stand in my way.
My boys needed me more than usual this week. My eldest was being bullied and my youngest got colour tested for dyslexia. Magenta seems to be his colour at the moment. He won't be fully colour tested for another year. His seven year old bum wouldn't stop wriggling during the testing phase. The sheet seems to have minimalized the movement of the words though. That's a huge positive. 
Take care everyone and stay tuned for more information about my up and coming new release.

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Want to read more? Have no fear, the lovely Doris O'Connor is here to share her latest book, Under His Boss. Doris why don't you take over?

Thanks so much for having my boys on your blog today. J
Well, I say my boys, but from the minute James and George popped into my head, they only had eyes for each other. Office romances are always fraught, however. Never more so than when you lust after your boss, and you’re not even sure whether your boss is gay…
Poor James is all betwixt and between as they say, when he finds this card on his desk.

No, that can’t have come from his boss, can it?
That was the premise behind this story. The picture/card above was a prompt in our Friday Flash Fiction group. I can’t tell you why this picture spoke to me so much. It just did, and once I had written the flash, I knew I had to carry on writing. M/M is not my usual genre, though I have written a fair number of M/M/F stories, but these two… they just needed their story told.
The more I wrote, the more I fell in love with them, and I hope readers will too. After all, Love is a precious thing…
When James Dyllon finds an explicit card on his desk he doesn’t know what to think. His hot as Hades boss has never given him the slightest indication that he returns James’ affections, so this card can’t be from him. Two male lovers entwined—someone is having a laugh at his expense.
George MacKenzie is done lusting after James from afar. A New Year brings with it the opportunity for change and George is tired of hiding. Since taking over the company after his father fell ill, he is finally in a position to act on his feelings, and he wants James. The card might be a feeble attempt, but at least James does not seem disinterested.
Together they will be able to weather anything, as long as he can convince James that he really does want forever.
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“Happy New Year, boss.”
He put the tray on the night stand, and offered George two aspirin and the glass of water. George swallowed them and winced anew at the sandpapery quality of his throat. James grinned again—in sympathy George assumed—though it was difficult to determine through his blurry eyed vision and the brass band which seemed to have taken up residence in his head.
“Happy New Year.” George managed to croak those few words out and collapsed back on the bed with a groan. “I’m never drinking again.”
“Of course you won’t. Here, sit up, get your caffeine hit, and have a shower. You’ll feel better afterward, I promise.”
George glared at the other man through hooded lids, and decided there and then that James had to be some sort of sadist. No one was this happy first thing in the morning, and took this much delight in torturing another human being into sitting up. The clanging cymbals in his head all decided to bash together in discord and George groaned and held his head in his hands.
James’s amused snort joined in with the percussion instruments crashing against his skull and George screwed his eyes shut and pinched the bridge of his nose.
“Sadly we haven’t yet. I don’t think jerking off to images of you passed out in my bed counts as fucking you, and I do find myself most impatient to do so, so be a good boy, drink this coffee, and then for the love of God, shower, man.”
Amusement tinged those words, but there was an underlying edge that registered over the fuzz for brains in George’s head, and he cracked one eye open to look at James. The intensity of his gaze made him swallow, and all conscious thought fled out of his brain as James grasped his hands and wrapped them round the steaming cup of coffee.
“Coffee, shower, fuck, in that order.”
James winked at him, and George did as he was told. The slap to his ass as he stumbled off the bed and James pointed him to the bathroom, stung, and made his cock jerk. James noticed, of course and wrapped his hand around George’s shaft and pumped it a few times. Exquisite pleasure shot through George’s system, and he braced a hand on the wall to steady himself.
“Fuck, James, stop doing that, or I’ll never make it into the shower.”
James laughed, bit his shoulder lightly, released his cock, and swatted his ass again.
“Don’t be too long in there, or I’ll be forced to join you.”
George groaned and shook his head.
“Is that supposed to be a deterrent or a promise?” He didn’t catch James’s laughing reply, as he stumbled into the bathroom. By the time he managed to eventually relieve himself, wash his hands, and brush his teeth with the spare toothbrush he’d found propped up against the sink, he felt almost human. The warm stream of the power shower further revived him, and he stood and let the hot spray cascade over him. He wasn’t entirely surprised to hear the shower enclosure open and shut and he sucked in a breath when he opened his eyes. James stood with his back to him, and George got his first good look at James’s dragon. It covered his back, wings flapping wildly, and the art work was supreme. Over James’s broad shoulders, down his muscular back and into his delectable ass, George’s gaze followed the trail of ink, and giving into the need to touch the other man, he let his hands follow the trail of his visual inspection.
His cock reared back into life with a speed and force that left him lightheaded as James’s lust filled groan trembled through the confined space of their shower enclosure, and his lover’s muscles tensed under George’s fingertips.
“That’s fucking awesome, baby.” George ran his knuckles down James’s spine until he reached the globes of his ass. Squeezing the firm flesh he kneaded his lover’s butt cheeks and kissed down James’s back. It took a bit of awkward maneuvering in their confined space, but he managed to drop to his knees, and continue his path downward. James swore under his breath and slapped his hands on the tiled wall for support when George spread his lover’s ass cheeks and licked from James’s heavy balls upward to his anus.
James tensed and panted, when George tunneled his tongue through James’s ring of muscle while bringing one hand round to grasp his thick shaft.
“Fuck, George, you don’t have to… Jesus.”
James’s cock jerked and pulsed in George’s firm grasp, and those tight muscles guarding James’s rear entrance tightened around his tongue in involuntary clenches that told George in no uncertain terms how close James was getting. Anal play was something George had always enjoyed. The mere intimacy of the act showed how much you trusted the other person, and he withdrew slowly and growled his next words into James’s hairy thighs, while he fondled the man’s heavy balls.
“Turn round, baby. I want to taste you.”
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What a crazy week! I sent in my first round edits at the beginning of it and received my second round ones this morning. This time I have to also send in my dedication and excerpt. The dedication has been half written in my head since before I had submitted my manuscript to Evernight, in the hope it would be accepted. The excerpt has been written, I just don't know where to find it. Apart from writing the blurbs for my books, choosing a specific scene to advertise and draw readers into the story has always been the hardest part for me. I love the whole story, how am I supposed to pick just one tiny part of it to highlight how magnificent it is?

Story combing here I come!

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Welcome to the Romantic Rendezvous Blog Hop! I'm Emma Anderson, one of the many authors involved in this great hop. Outside of the grand prize, some of us are also offering our own giveaways, myself included. I will be offering an e-book copy of one of my books to each winner (check out the Books tab above to explore your options). All you have to do is leave a comment each day in the section below, answering that day's contest question. The winners will be randomly selected, though I will admit I'm not as technically minded as some. I will be relying on the old draw a name out of the hat style of picking. So if you're looking for someone to bribe, you'll have to talk to my sons, as they will be doing the honours. 

One of my favourite books to write was Refusing His Second Chance. I cried with the heroine, Allie, as well as getting annoyed for her when it came to the way Parker treated her. He was such an arse, but don't worry this author only believes in Happy Ever Afters, and Abbie definitely got hers.

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, vampires, spanking, HEA]
Why did the constant rejection of a man she barely knew hurt so much?
Allie Fisher’s a successful author and radio show host. So much so, she’s gained herself a stalker. Her life’s turned upside down when she meets Margo. With their new blossoming friendship came a heartache Allie never knew was possible.
Parker Winston’s a 543-year-old vampire. He’s had a mate and lost her. He has no room in his heart for anyone else. Even another mate. When he meets his sister’s new friend, he immediately knows she’s his second chance. To preserve his memory of his first mate, he takes what he needs from Allie but offers nothing of himself in return. By the time he realises that there’s enough room in his heart for two, it may be too late.
Can Parker convince Allie of his true feelings for her? Or will her stalker deny him the opportunity by taking her from him permanently?

He already knew that she was a good person, even before investigating her. His sister wouldn’t be so loyal to someone who wasn’t worthy. Their relationship spoke well of Allie Fisher. After reading everything he could gather on her, he could no longer deny Allie’s kind heart.
He hadn’t met too many people who had given up as much as Allie. She had graduated from college in the top five percent of her class. She had worked hard for her degree in psychology, but gave it up after one phone call. She had then moved away from everyone she knew, to care for her dying mother. She became her mother’s full-time caregiver, but still managed to find the time to write her novels. From what he had established, the sales of those books were their only source of income. She had taken on the role of nurse, cook, cleaner, and bread winner, all so she could ensure her mother could see her days out in her own home.
Now, from what he could gather, since losing her mother, she had changed very little in her life. She still wrote and visited the soup kitchen that her mother used to volunteer at. The only addition, from what he had seen, was her nightly radio show. A show which she was currently absent from. Again his hand reached for his phone. Only this time, he gave into temptation and rang Margo.
“Margo, what’s going on?” he asked his sister as soon as she answered the phone.
“Parker, I’m a bit busy right now. I’ll talk to you later.”
“Don’t you dare hang up on me, Margo Marie Winston. Tell me what’s is going on with Allie,” Parker demanded before softening his approach. “Is it her stalker? I need to know.”
“What’s it to you, Parker?”
“Damn it, Margo. She’s my mate!”
“Yes, she is. A mate, I might add, that you refuse to claim,” Margo said with nothing but disgust in her voice. “She’s become a good friend to me, Parker. A friend you seem content in using for your pleasure with no consideration for her.”
Parker wanted nothing more than to deny his sister’s accusations, because he had come to realise that Allie deserved better. But he couldn’t. He wasn’t even sure he would be able to stop taking his pleasure from Allie either. She had become his own personal drug. A drug he had already become addicted to. He was pulled from his musings when he heard an unfamiliar male voice coming over the phone.
“Miss Winston, will you be staying with Miss Fisher?”
“Yes,” Margo replied.
“Good. Then I need you to keep her temperature down as best you can. If it gets any higher, call me straight away,” the man said. “Now, I’ve rung through a prescription for antibiotics. The pharmacy should be delivering them within the hour. Please make sure she finishes all the tablets, and ensure you keep her fluids up.”
“Thank you, doctor.”
Parker had his answer. Allie was sick. He waited patiently for Margo to come back on the phone. He could hear rustling through the earpiece, followed by a door closing. He had assumed once the doctor had been seen out, he would hear the full story. He was wrong.
“Margo?” his call had been met with silence. “Margo, damn it. Tell me what the hell’s going on!”
“There’s not much to tell, Parker,” Margo said, finally acknowledging his presence on the other end of the phone. “Allie’s sick!”
“That much I gathered. What the hell is wrong with her?” he demanded.
“She’s got a bad case of the flu. Nothing for you to worry about.” He heard Margo’s attempt at sarcasm, but the worry in her voice seemed to override it.
“I’ll be right over!” he said, already gathering his keys.
“Don’t bother, Parker. If she needs healing, I’ll give her some of my blood,” Margo said.
“Don’t you dare! I will heal her,” Parker shouted. “That’s my mate.”
“Bullshit!” Margo spat down the phone. “If she really was that to you, then you wouldn’t be able to treat her the way you have. Do us all a favour and stay away from her.”
“I can’t,” Parker admitted. The fight was suddenly absent from his voice.
“And she can’t survive much more of what you have been dishing out. You take a little more of her soul every time you take what you want from her and then turn your back on her.”
“Are you forgetting she turned her back on me last time?” he challenged weakly.
“Oh, big brother, I haven’t forgotten. I was picking up the pieces all night!” Margo’s words resonated with him long after she had hung up on him.
     Parker finally slumped back in his chair, conceding he was going nowhere. After everything he had learnt about Allie, he should have known her rejection was all an act. He had already seen how much of a giver she was, just by her actions. She gave to her mother, her readers, and the homeless, all of whom he was sure would have appreciated everything she has done for them. Then he came along and just took from her for his own pleasure, using her like a whore, rather than his mate. For the first time in a very long time, he felt shame. His mistreatment of Allie would stop now. He would wait for her to come to him, rather than go to her and take from her. Three days later, he was having trouble remaining so honourable. Especially when he had heard through his sources that Allie was back on her feet and currently helping out at the soup kitchen. He had no problem with her working there. What he did have trouble with was who she was working alongside. Sebastien.

Adult Excerpt
She watched as his elegant long fingers began separating the keys. Her fear all but forgotten as her mind, along with her hormones had her imagining all the wonderful things he could do with his hands. And all of them were to her naked body. Her pussy began weeping, soaking her underwear. Parker visibly inhaled deeply before growling.
He handed her back her keys and said, “Open the door before I take you out here in the hallway.”
Her hands began to tremble, not from the threat, but the blatant promise his words held. She no sooner had the door open, than he was pushing her through it. As soon as they had both crossed the threshold, Parker had kicked the door shut, and had her body pinned to the wall just inside the door. His impressive bulge pressed into her back.
“I need you. Please say ‘yes,’” he whispered in her ear.
Without any forethought, she answered with the one reply that would provide them both with a little relief. “Yes!”
Before she could consider the implications of her response, Parker had her turned around. Her back hit the wall with such force that it pushed all the air from her lungs. Her raging hormones overrode any of her panic. Without any of the usual hesitation that went along with a first kiss, Parker’s mouth came down on hers, hard. Her hands found their way up to his hair. She held on to it as he continued his assault on her lips. His tongue pushed through her slightly parted lips, seeking a dance partner. Hers quickly obliged. As she took her first taste of the man who had haunted her every thought, she felt his extended fangs. Swiping her tongue over them, she heard him groan.
“Bedroom?” Parker asked breathlessly when he pulled back from the kiss.
Lifting her arm, she directed her finger down the hallway that led to all the bedrooms. Pointing was the only means of communication she currently had. All her senses were going haywire. Never before had she ever experienced anything like it. Parker must have realised that a pointed finger was all he was going to get. So he followed her muted directions, rushing them both down the hallway. He stopped outside the only two closed doors. Lifting his nose to the air, he smelt. Without a word, he opened the one belonging to her bedroom.
He pushed her toward the bed, only stopping when her legs hit the wooden frame. She whimpered when he stepped back. She immediately noticed the loss of his body heat. He held a finger up in front of her. That was all the warning she got before the sharp, vampire talon ran down her chest, slicing her clothing. Her tight T-shirt and sports bra slid down her arms and fell from her body.
Parker’s slow perusal left goose bumps in its wake. His eyes darkened further with lust when they fell upon her breasts. His large hands came up to cup them, squeezing them. More juices escaped her already overflowing pussy. She could now smell her own arousal. It seemed to add to her excitement. Parker wasn’t immune to its effects either.
His hands left her breasts and moved down her body. Their destination, her hips, still clad in yoga pants. With a smile, Parker ran his taloned finger over her lower body. She trembled as his path became obvious to her. Widening her stance, she allowed him access to her most private of areas. She wasn’t disappointed.
The sharp talon gave her nothing but exquisite pleasure. Its feathered touch traced her pussy, eliciting a moan from her. The sweet torture had her clit demanding the same treatment. Before she could verbalise the request, Parker had removed his finger and shredded her pants.
“Get on the bed, now!” he ordered, as he removed his own clothing.
Allie quickly scrambled onto her bed, desperate not to lose sight of Parker for too long. She wanted to drink in everything there was to this man, including the amazing body she knew he hid below his well-tailored shirts and pants. When she had settled, she turned to appreciate the view. His toned abs and sculpted chest were magnificent. But it was his cock that drew her eyes.
It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, in a scary kind of way. It stood thick and long, pointing proudly toward his stomach. The purple shade of the mushroom head, had just become her favourite colour. Licking her lips, she had the sudden urge to take a cock into her mouth for the first time in her life. The groan that came from Parker had her eyes reluctantly leaving the magnificent sight and moving up toward his face. There, she noticed his pained expression.
“Last chance to back out,” he said through clenched teeth.
“I need you, Parker. Please!”
“Are you on the pill?”
“Good” was all he said before he pounced.
He landed over her, pinning her to the bed. He nudged her legs apart and began rubbing his cock against her greedy pussy. She tried to lift her hips, desperate to guide his cock to where she needed it. But his body held her captive under him. It would seem that he had plans of his own. Thankfully, those plans seemed to coincide with hers.
      He thrust into her with such force, her head ended up at a strange angle. She found herself facing the headboard of the bed. Not that she was complaining. Everything felt like it had righted itself in her life as soon as he entered her.

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Now for the competition questions. I have listed below the question for each day. Please respond to them on their corresponding day in the comments section. I will be closing each day's competition at midnight PST. I live in Western Australia which means that's 3pm my time. That's when I'm meant to be picking up my boys from school so don't worry if I'm a few minutes late.
6th February 2015
My husband proposed to me in Paris, so that's a special place for us. Tell me your favourite place in the world, and why?
7th February 2015
On our first date, my husband got lost and refused to look at the map to figure out where we were. We laugh about it now, but at the time, I was a little worried. Tell me about some of your first date disasters.
8th February 2015
My husband's grandparents were a huge influence on him growing up, so to go along with our first date disaster, I didn't even get a kiss. (And still I went out with him again!) So I ask you, do you kiss on the first date or not?
9th February 2015
Going along with the theme of first kiss, when was yours? How old were you and where were you? Me I was a late bloomer. I had a kiss from a boy when I was about 10 years old. he was my friend's cousin. Then the next one didn't come until I was about 17 years old. My hormones were overridden by my shyness.
10th February 2015
What's the funniest pick up line you have ever heard?
11th February 2015
As a mother of two young boys, the most romantic thing my husband could do for me right now is offer to do the dishes. I would love to hear some of the romantic gestures your partner has done for you.
12th February 2015
Since knowing my husband I have always drunk tea at home, so colour me surprised when one mother's day I got a cappuccino maker. He thought that because I have a cappuccino whenever I meet mum that I would want to drink them at home, bless him! I would love to hear about some of the unusual gifts you have received from your partner. See if you can beat my dad's anniversary present for my mum, a blower-vac for a woman who doesn't garden.
13th February 2015
As I mentioned before, my husband proposed to me in Paris. What I didn't tell you was that it was on the top of the Eiffel Tower? It was quite a commitment for him considering he's petrified of heights. Have you ever had to face a fear to be with the one you love?
14th February 2015
Happy Valentine's Day! And sticking with the theme, please share with me your dream date for this romantic day.  

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