Friday, 30 October 2015

This week has been crazy. My mother-in-law had an operation on Monday which meant on Wednesday, we had a doctor's visit. Thursday, I had the dreaded job of stocking the house with food. For some reason, scrubbing the toilets (and remember I have boys) is more appealing than doing the food shopping. Then yesterday (for me that's Friday), I offered to help my mum move a few boxes into storage. My arms are demanding a definition from her of exactly how many 'a few' entails in the future. Who knew I had that particular muscle? I didn't, before the ache started.
But all complaining aside, I would rather it be my arms sore than my mum's. I would be upset at her if she had tried to do it herself.

I have my first round edits to do for Mated to War, and guess who has the cover? Once again Jay Aheer has done an amazing job. It's beautiful and hot all at the same time. You'll see what I mean when I show you.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

A SLOW-BURNING DANCE - The Weathermen 5
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Evernight Publishing***
 When Sela Chavez inspects the unit in a strip mall that will soon become her very own dance studio, she’s on the cusp of a dream come true. Until she spies Damien Rivera, her brother’s boss. She knows he’s financing the project, and she knows he’s a player.
 When he invites her to a concert, she can’t seem to look away from his gaze. But gorgeous eyes or not, she has no intention of becoming Damien’s next conquest.
 Damien is part of a group of friends financing the efforts to put a stop to The Madeline Project. The program now has a mind of its own, thanks to a virus called Tommy Twister. These men have power, resources, and money, but they’re as ruthless and possessive as the storms ravaging Earth.
 They call themselves the Weathermen…

 He moved to the edge of the bed and pointed toward the floor. “On your knees.”
 It didn’t matter either way to her, but there was something quite decadent about kneeling in front of a man to suck his dick. She slid off the bed and dropped to her knees. At least the bedroom was carpeted. It would have been painful kneeling on the stone downstairs the way he had done for her. 
Damien groaned softly and held her head with both hands as she licked him from his balls to the tip of his cock, and back again. She tortured him as he’d done to her, enjoying the way his soft groans grew louder, and the grip on her head increased.
 Sela took several inches at a time into her mouth and sucked, alternating that with moving her lips up and down his shaft, increasing the length she took inside each time. He squirmed on the bed for several minutes, and then he pulled his cock away from her. “I can’t take it. I don’t want to come in your mouth. I’ve changed my mind.”
 “Are you sure? I don’t mind if you do.”
 The tender look he gave her melted her heart. “I’ll keep that in mind, but I want to fuck your hot pussy again. Come back up here and get on your hands and knees.”
 She couldn’t have disobeyed that voice if she’d wanted to. Sela crawled onto the bed and did as he asked, then moaned softly as he caressed her ass cheeks and her soaking wet pussy. “You have the most gorgeous ass I’ve ever seen.”
 “I’m glad you like it.”
 He nipped at each cheek, and she giggled. “I could eat you up, Sela.” The mattress shifted, and she watched him grab one of the strawberries they hadn’t eaten. Thinking he was going to put it into his mouth, she gasped when he rubbed it slowly over her ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs, following each pass of the berry with his tongue.
 The stickiness of the strawberry, coupled with his hot tongue, was surprisingly arousing. She moaned softly as he plucked another berry off the plate and rolled her onto her back. He straddled her at hip level, and rubbed the fruit over each breast, sucking and licking the juice off her. When he finally stopped, he kissed her, and he didn’t seem to mind that she was sticky. After he released the kiss, he crawled off her and asked her to get on her hands and knees again.
 “Well that was new,” she said.
 Damien caressed her pussy from behind. “Did you like it?”
 “I loved it.”
 “Then I’ll have to experiment with other things.”
 Her orgasm was so close she could hardly stand it.
“Like what?”
 “Oh, I don’t know. Ice, perhaps? Peanut butter? Hot sauce?”
 She giggled again. “You’re very sexy, Damien. I’ve never known a man like you.”
 He kissed her lower back. “And I’ve never known anyone as fun and adventurous as you, Sela. Thank you for this.”
 Before she could answer him, he slid his cock into her pussy. She moaned loudly as he thrust deep and hard, and just as she thought she was going to come again, he pulled out and picked up one of the berries again.
 Sela moaned softly as he rubbed it over her pussy. Her arousal shot through the roof. She’d never imagined being covered in strawberry juice would feel this incredible. She wanted him to keep going, but when he licked her from behind, she cried out in pleasure. Kink with fruit. Who’d have thought it could be this much fun?
 As he continued to use his tongue to send her excitement to new heights, he reached underneath with his left hand and played with her clit. She pushed back against him, arching her back and silently begging for release, but he stopped before she came.
 “Oh, please! This is crazy fun, but I’m dying here!”
 He chuckled and kissed each ass cheek. “Do you think I’m not ready to explode?”
 “I think you’re having way too fun much torturing me.”
 He sank his dick into her pussy again, fucking her so slowly she thought she’d go out of her mind with need. At the same time, Sela enjoyed it far more than she could process. “Sadist,” she muttered. 
“No shit.”
 His comment made her laugh, but that soon turned to loud moans as he fucked her rougher now. He still didn’t let her come, but Sela was loving this. When he pulled out and returned to rubbing the strawberry over her ass and pussy, she sighed, closed her eyes, and simply let go. Sela wanted to experience all the sensations without analyzing them or worrying about the impending orgasm. This was way too much fun to ask him to stop.
 “You’re all sticky, niña.”
 “I’m sure I am.”
 “Are you enjoying this?” His soft, smoky voice sent shivers down her spine.
 “I am. Very much.”
 He caressed the side of her breast. “I want you so hot for me that you can’t stand it.”
 “I’m already there, Damien.”
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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Seth feels left out of everything. He and Noah have been together since birth and in a relationship since puberty. Now Noah is needed to rewrite a book and Pete is needed to keep Noah safe, where does that leave him? He won't be a third wheel or the reason Noah dies.
Can he persuade Noah to stay and convince Seth he is needed just as much by his pack as Noah is? All Pete knows is he must try, while he keeps his mates safe from an Elder that wants to kill them and a Baliz that wants one of his mates as his own.
Pete had faced some serious adversaries during the hundred year war they had been in. However, he couldn’t remember a time that he felt this nervous.
“Why don’t we all sit over here, so we can talk,” Seth suggested.
Pete followed Seth and Noah into the sitting area. The men didn’t know it, but this was actually Pete’s room.
When Noah had passed out, Pete had wanted a comfortable place for Noah to recover. Having his mate surrounded by his things also helped his wolf stay calm until he could come and see how Noah was recuperating.
“So, Pete, tell us about yourself,” Noah said as he sat down next to Seth on the settee.
Shrugging, Pete said, “What is it you’d like to know?”
“What is it that you do for the pack? I mean, Asher and the others say you’re the beta of the pack and I know that means you are like the second-in-command, but sadly, I really never did a great deal of reading on wolf pack hierarchy,” Noah said with a slight red tinge to his cheeks.
Pete smiled, saying, “It’s okay, Noah. I’m sure you never expected to be mated to a wolf.”
Noah snorted. “Uh, no, I can pretty much guarantee that never entered the realm of possibilities for me.”
Pete sat back and crossed his legs. He thought for a moment and then said, “My position is a dominant one. The only wolves stronger than myself are Alpha Asher and Asa. My job is to care for the members of our pack. If they need something or have a problem, I’m the one they come to for help.”
Seth scrunched his eyes in confusion. “Why wouldn’t they go to the Alpha?”
“If everyone that had a problem went to the Alpha, Asher would never have time for anything or anyone else,” Pete answered.
Noah leaned forward. “Well, if they all come to you, then how would you have time for anyone or anything else?”
Pete looked at Noah. “When a beta is unmated, they generally like to focus on the pack around them. To know you’re helping the people you care about is very fulfilling. Once we mate, well, we generally delegate some of our responsibilities to some of the enforcers. However, in my case, since we have merged two packs, there is another beta as well as four enforcers to help out. I would never neglect my mates, Noah.”
Noah sat back, quietly whispering, “Oh…okay.”
Seth was more direct with his questions, and the next one was something that caught Pete a little off guard. “Why should we mate with you, Pete? I mean, what if we find a way back to our time? Would you force us to stay here?”
Pete had not really given that idea a thought. All he had known was he wanted his mates. With them talking to him, it told Pete that he wasn’t as screwed as he originally thought when Noah had said he wanted to go home. However, he knew this answer was important to both his mates so he needed to be careful how he answered it.
Thinking for a moment longer, Pete finally answered, “I am a lucky man. Unlike Nathan, Cain and Ira, I have two of the best parents that any person could wish for. My parents knew at a very young age that they were mates and when they were of age, they became one. Because that’s what a mate is. A mate is the other part to our soul. This is the one, in my case, two, that were meant to be mine.”
“But how can you be so sure we are your mates? What if just Noah is your mate? What if you mate with him and then you can’t with me?” Seth asked quietly.
Pete watched as Noah clasped Seth’s hand tightly and that’s when he realized something very important. Seth walked around like he was confident and strong. However, he had just as many fears and insecurities as Noah. Seth just kept his fears and worries buried deep inside.
Pete stood up and knelt in front of Seth. Placing his hand over both his mates’, Pete’s intensity could be heard in his voice, as he said, “Seth, when a wolf meets his or her mate, they know immediately. The scent that fills the room is like no other.”
Seth didn’t look at Pete, but continued to look at their connected hands. “But what if the smell is just one of us? I mean, even if it is just me you smell, I can’t and won’t leave Noah. I love him more than my next breath.”
Pete felt Noah’s flexing hand when Noah squeezed Seth harder, whispering in a choking breath, “I love you too, Seth.”
Pete almost felt left out, but realized that hopefully, in time, they would be saying the same words to him as well. Instead, Pete said, “When I smell Noah, it’s like after a long rain and the air is so fresh and cool. Then that breeze passes by and the unmistakable pine scent crosses my nostrils, like a sprig of rosemary.”
“I smell like rosemary?’ Noah asked in awe.
Nodding, Pete said, “After a nice cool rain.”
Noah asked anxiously, “What does Seth smell like?”
“In the deep forest we have a tree called a Ponderosa pine. When you scratch the bark and sniff, it smells like vanilla and butterscotch. It is sweet and very sensual.”
Noah’s smile was sappy as he asked, “And that’s what you smell when you smell Seth?”
Pete clasped Seth’s cheek as he looked lovingly into his mate’s eyes and said, “They are two very distinct scents and yes, that is what I smell when you are near, Seth. You and Noah are my mates, of that I am certain.”

Noah looked at Pete and asked, “What did you think about when you came here?”
Pete watched as the water came down from the top of the cliff as he thought about how to answer. Just when Noah thought he might not answer, Pete said, “We had been at war so long with the other pack. I just wanted it to end. We couldn’t let the cubs run free or build too close to the other pack.”
Pete sighed as he thought back to not so very long ago. “I would come back here and sit, looking out at the stars and one would fall from the sky. I’d close my eyes and wish so hard.”
“What did you wish for?” Seth asked quietly.
Pete looked at Seth and then Noah as he said, “You. Oh, I didn’t know your name and I sure didn’t know there would be two, but I would think about finding my mate and building a home. How we would come here and swim in the pond, make love near the falls and sleep under the stars.”
Noah felt his cock stiffening as Pete spoke. He even whispered, “You’d make love, here?”
Pete turned to Noah as he whispered in a seductive tone, “Oh yes. Do you see that plant over there?”
Seth and Noah both looked in the direction Pete was pointing and Seth asked, “You mean the aloe plant?”
Pete smiled as he stood up and walked to the aloe plant and took off one large leaf. A thick oozing liquid ran onto Pete’s finger and he went back to Noah, softly saying, “I would first take my tongue and eat his ass until he was relaxed and ready to welcome my naturally slicked finger. Then I would stretch him over and over.”
Noah was panting and if he didn’t open his zipper soon, he would have marks.
Seth must have felt the same, because Noah heard him sliding his zipper down as he panted, “And then what?”
Pete laid the aloe leaf next to Noah and took his fingers to his zipper, asking, “May I?”
Noah couldn’t speak from the lust-filled lump in his throat, so he nodded as he lay back and let Pete pull down his zipper, saying, “If it’s okay with Seth, maybe I can show you instead?”
Noah moaned as he looked at Seth. Seth was stroking his hardened shaft as he watched Pete and nodded rapidly.
Pete didn’t wait as he quickly removed Noah’s pants, socks and shoes. Noah quickly removed his shirt as Pete stood and took off the pants he had put on earlier to eat.
Turning to Seth, Noah begged, “Seth, you too. I want you with us.”
Pete’s eyes shifted a bit with the smells of desire coming off his mates, saying in a gravelly voice, “Seth, will you consider making love to me?”
Seth’s eyes went huge as he quickly looked at Noah. Noah couldn’t believe how hot that sounded and panted out, “Oh my God, that would be so fucking hot!”
Seth stood and removed the rest of his clothing and waited for Pete to get to his knees. Taking the aloe leaf, Seth placed some of the clear gel on his finger.
Noah watched as Seth then tapped Pete and asked him to lift a bit and slid under the man. He knew the exact instant that Seth took Pete into his mouth, as did the rest of the forest when Pete yelled, “Holy shit!”
Pete breathed rapidly in and out through his teeth and then focused on Noah.
Noah had laid back in a slight angle to watch as Seth sucked Pete down. He knew from experience that Seth had no gag reflex. Smiling, Noah said, “He’s good, isn’t he?”
Pete nodded his head as he closed his eyes and just felt the pleasure Seth was bringing him.
Bending his knees, Noah heard Pete draw in a deep breath.
Noah didn’t know if it was because Seth had just deep throated him, or because Pete could see his puckered hole, waiting for the promise Noah could see in Pete’s lust-filled eyes.
Pete leaned down and Noah thought he had died and gone to heaven, as Pete began to lick and suckle his anus.
“Oh, Pete! Oh…Oh…Oh...yeah like that….Oh my God!” Noah felt Pete’s tongue licking the outer edge and then stiffening and pushing into his hole. The sensations were like a small charge of electricity connected from his hole to his cock.
Pete must have grabbed the aloe plant, because the next thing Noah felt was that thick digit pushing past his ring of muscles and he was being finger fucked as Pete continued to eat his ass.
Pete lifted up and groaned, “Seth…Oh by the Gods, Seth…your mouth is fucking amazing.”
Noah heard Pete groan even louder.
Feeling Pete's fingers moving in and out of his hole, had Noah hissing, “Oh shit, your fingers feel good in my ass.”
Not giving Noah time to really think, Pete pumped his finger in short thrusts, saying, “Let me show you what Seth’s doing.”
Pete swooped down and took Noah to the root as he plunged a second finger into Noah’s stretching ass.
“Uh…” Noah gasped as he lifted his hips and enjoyed the warm moisture of his mate’s mouth on his cock and those magic fingers scissoring and stretching his ass.
Pete popped off Noah’s cock as he gasped and groaned, “I need…Seth, please…I need.”
Seth slid out from under Pete as Pete quickly added a third finger.
Noah felt his shaft leaking down the sides and then Pete’s tongue was lapping his pre-cum up and wrapping his lips around the mushroomed head.
Noah could see Seth was lubing his cock, and placing it at Pete’s hole.

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Far from Blind
Club Blind 2
by S.J. Maylee
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Released October 15th!
Book Description: Candy Wilson has worked hard to build a life for herself from nothing to something she can be proud of but she can’t catch the eye of the one man who drives her wild with desire. Brad Chambers has everything, always has, except the woman he loves. When a pitch black blind date at the exclusive Club Blind matches the pair together, Candy refuses to believe what she sees and throws up her protective barrier. It’s up to Brad to tear down her walls and get her to see the man who wants only her.
Be Warned: spanking and light BDSM
Where You Can Find Far from Blind

The first review is in!
"This story is another sizzling creation from SJ Maylee."

FFB Teaser - you don't want
Far from Blind Excerpt:
  He closed the door behind them and the distinct click of a lock tumbling over echoed around the room. Maybe no showing yesterday was a mistake. If they’d had any chance at all, she’d blown it for sure. How could she expect him to trust her now? The air, thick with unsaid words, closed in around her.
 It was time to take care of business and escape before she embarrassed herself. “This must be for you.” She held out the envelope.
 “Thank you.” He took it from her and tore it open, revealing a piece of paper. His cheeks pulled into a little smile, then it disappeared. He maneuvered around his desk and sat. “Do you like me, Candy?” 
“Of course I do.” She clasped her arms around her middle. The bigger question is what he thought of her before Club Blind and now.
 “Then why didn’t you show last night?” He pressed his lips together and kept his gaze on her.
 “To be honest…”
 “That’s all I’ll ever expect from you.”
 “I’ll give it to you straight. You don’t want a girl like me.” She blew out a breath as if it could help her raging pulse. Never in a million years would she have guessed she’d want a man to tell her she was wrong.
 “Is that what you believe?”
 “Yes.” She kept her focus on him. He gave nothing away. His expression didn’t change, only his fingers tapped on his desk which was irritatingly neat.
 “Then we have a problem.” He stood. “We’d agreed to meet. I kept up my end.”
 “And I didn’t.” She blew out a deep breath.
 “Come here.”
 She didn’t move. She didn’t take her next breath either.
 He pointed to the ground in front of him. “Don’t make me ask twice.”
 She jumped and then slipped around his desk. Damn, he really did smell good. No matter whether it was aftershave or him, the deep woodsy scent turned here on. Everything about Brad turned her on. 
“Did I ask you to join me at Mistress Charlie’s yesterday?”
 “Yes, but—”
 “Do you believe I’m a liar?”
 “I don’t think you are either.” He tapped under her chin, lifting her focus back to him. “But I don’t believe you’re being honest with me right now and that’s a problem.”
 “I’m sorry I didn’t show yesterday.”
 “I appreciate the admission, but I can’t let the action and the attitude go unpunished.”
 “What, are you going to spank me?” She chuckled.
 “I think it’s time.” He tucked some of her hair behind her ear and his touch lingered along the side of her neck over her ugly mole. “Don’t you agree?”
 “Agreed, Sir.” She leaned back on his desk. It was the only thing holding her up. 
 “Very good. Bend over my desk, please.”
 “Right here?” She looked around his office. She didn’t find any windows to the hall, but his windows facing the next building were wide open. “You really are pissed.”
 The corner of his lips lifted slightly. “The windows are treated. No one can see in here.” 
 “You’re stalling.”
 “Can you blame me?”
 “You do know I’m an accountant, right?” He tugged on her hair. “We like to add.”

Praise for the first book in the Club Blind Series
In the Blind
The Romance Reviews “There is a good mix of heat woven into the storyline, perfect for an erotic romance. With the thrill and excitement of the sex club, the author has created the beginning of an interesting series.”
Night Owl Reviews “The beginning of the story leaves you wanting to know more. It has a unique premise. By the end of the first chapter, I was eager to finish the book…the author takes the reader on a wonderful journey” Cocktails and Books “There was humor, some angst, romance, and of course, I already mentioned the incredible sex. You’ll be quite satisfied by the end. I know I sure was.” CB - You are a fantasy

S.J. MAYLEE BIO: SJ Button 2 300x300 with border
S.J. Maylee fell in love with storytelling at a young age and with it came a deep-seated desire for everyone to find their happily ever after. She’s finding the happy endings for her characters one steamy story at a time. When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her caring for her garden, laughing with her two young sons, or dancing to her husband’s music. She’s a PMP (Project Management Professional), Nia instructor, and coffee addict. As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Hi there, everyone! I'm Michelle Roth and I'm here to introduce my latest release, Bite Me. It's the second in my vampire paranormal series, The Transfigured Ones. Magnus Corbett, my hero, was modeled a bit after Gordon Ramsey. I wanted him to be a rough around the edges guy who didn't necessarily have time for love. I knew, whoever I matched him with would either need to be a bad ass chick who didn't take any crap.. or she'd need to be so sweet that she called to the softer side of him. Caroline Lundquist is both of those things.
If you've got any questions about the book, for me as the author, or about the series in general, feel free to use the #transfiguredones hash tag and I'll do my best to answer!
Magnus Corbett is the world renowned head chef for Usquebaugh, the wildly popular restaurant and whiskey bar inside the Foxwood Hotel and Casino. He's certain that it was his status as one of the Transfigured that put him on the map. It will be bold flavors and his tireless work ethic that keep him there. And, if he has to be a little blunt to get things done? So be it.
When bar manager, Caroline Lundquist, develops a line of cocktails to breathe some life into the drink menu, she's determined to have new gin-inspired dishes to pair with them. During their collaboration she finds herself falling for the side of Magnus that people rarely see. He's sweet. Compassionate. Caring. As they begin to navigate the perils of a vampire-human relationship, both of their pasts crop up, threatening to destroy everything they're working so hard to build together.
“That's nice, but,” he said, frowning at her, “I really hate to bring this up but... I see no nudity or coffee, Caroline. You can't promise things like that and then not follow through. It's cruel.”
Smirking, she said, “You were gone for almost an hour after we talked. I assumed you forgot about me. So I drank your cup and then I took care of myself.” She gave a little shrug.
“You did, did you?” he asked, his cock stirring to life. “In what's soon to be our bed?”
“No. I didn't,” she said, confessed, laughing. “I did drink the coffee though. Then Lilly called me to tell me about the reviews and I got caught up in that.”
“New rule,” he ordered, his focus single minded. “You don't get to play with your pussy unless I'm supervising.”
Caroline made a pouty face. “Not even a little bit?”
“Not at all, sweetness,” he corrected. “And I never said you could borrow my shirt, love. I'm going to need it back now.”
“Sorry,” she replied, giving him an unrepentant grin. She pulled the shirt up inch by tantalizing inch until he realized she wasn't wearing anything under it.
“That's it, love,” he said scooping her up and setting her on the edge of the island counter top. Then he picked up the hand that held her cell phone and suggested, “Read me a review. One of the longer ones because we're going to be here a while.”
Caroline set the cell phone down and leaned back, watching as he shifted her thighs apart. When he ran the tips of his fingers along her damp folds, she let out a shuddering sigh.
“Someone's a little needy this morning, isn't she?” he asked, kneeling so that he was eye level with her pussy.
“Yes,” she agreed. “I'm always needy for you.”
“And I am for you too. Always,” he promised. “Why aren't you reading?”
Caroline narrowed her eyes. “You're serious?”
Magnus nodded, and then blew a gentle stream of air against her heated flesh. When she started to wriggle, he murmured, “Hold still, love. Let me...”
Gently he pulled her labia apart with his thumbs and swiped his tongue from her opening to her clit and back again. “God, love. You taste so fucking good. It's a shame I won't be able to continue until you start reading.”
Caroline moaned, balancing herself back on one arm and picked up her cell phone. A few taps on the screen later, she gave an annoyed huff.
Magnus resumed his task, swiping his tongue against her inner thighs, nipping gently at the sensitive skin there.
Caroline's voice was somewhat broken when she began to read. “I had the distinct pleasure of spending my evening at Usquebaugh. As always, the atmosphere lively, the food amazing, and the drinks sub-sublime. Magnus!”
He took his time, moving his mouth to her pussy, drawing slow circles around her clit. He periodically dipped his tongue down to fuck her with it until she was panting.
“Magnus, please,” she whined. “I need...”
He buried three fingers inside her as far as they would go, fucking them in and out of her slowly, then lifted his head and said, “I need you to keep reading for me. I'm very interested to know what they thought of the individual drinks.”
“Owner Lilly Ferguson put together the ultimate” she broke off, gasping.
He stilled his tongue and fingers and waited until she began to speak again.
Her voice almost a high pitched, needy wail, she continued, “dream team of chef Magnus Corbett and bartender Caroline Lundquist. The dishes display the usual competency and flare that Magnus Corbett has always been known- been known for. However, the real surprise of the evening was the new line of...”
She could have been saying anything. He'd stopped paying attention the moment he'd buried his tongue in her wet heat. Every time she grew more slick around his fingers, he moaned. Her cream was the sweetest he'd ever tasted. If he had his way, he'd to keep her here, hips pinned to his counter, cumming until she couldn't bear it anymore.
Michelle Roth is a novelist from the Great White North (Toronto, ON). When she’s not disappearing into foreign lands, or making two perfect strangers that she invented fall in love, she’s probably curled up somewhere with a glass of wine and a good book.
In her spare time she is typically hanging out with her awesome boyfriend and their two equally awesome cats. She likes taking road trips to nowhere in particular, cooking elaborate meals then making other people do the dishes, and being nerdy on the internet. Her books are currently available on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and any other place that sells absolutely filthy romance novels.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Thanks so much for hosting me on your blog today with my new release The Job.  

Like so many of my stories this started as a flash on my blog. From the minute I wrote their first meeting, when Alex opens the door to find a face from her past, the one man she’d never forgotten, the one man with whom she had a ton of unfinished business… yeah, I knew I needed to write their story.

Alex is only doing this Job as a favour to her flatmate. How hard can it be to pretend to be an Escort? Alex is an actress, so this should be easy…. Not so, when you know the client who knocks at your door.

Such a delicious conflict, don’t you think? 

Can they work out their differences, or will this job tear them further apart? You’ll have to read the book, I’m afraid. Things are not what they seem.

The Job releases October 8th and is the first story in a new series called Premiere Companions, which is set around the adventures of this particular elite escort service…


Accepting money for sex is wrong—isn’t it?

Alexandra Farrington certainly thinks so. The job she’s agreed to do for her friend is not supposed to involve any sex. However, no man spends this much money on a swish hotel suite and sinful lingerie, and not expect the horizontal shimmy in return.

And what sort of man employs escorts anyhow?

Nathanial Longton cannot believe his eyes when the door opens to reveal his companion for the evening. He has never forgotten the housekeeper’s daughter. The girl he grew up with has grown into a beautiful, sexy woman, and what’s more she’s all his for the night.

Alex and he have unfinished business and, with her at his mercy, it’s payback time.

If only this was just about sex, but Alexandra’s submission awakens much more than his inner Sadist….

Love is far harder to ignore.


For all other Buy links please check the book page here.


Adult Excerpt:
“Present for me, girl, you know what to do.”
His voice sounded hoarse. It chased away the last of her misgivings. She might well regret this in the morning, but for now, she needed this, wanted this one night with him. She had no doubt that Nathanial would take her out of her head, help her forget all that bad stuff that had happened, as she scrambled to her knees in the middle of the bed.
“Good girl, take your bra off for me. Then spread your legs as wide as they go. Let me see what’s mine, pet.”
He grinned at her groan in answer. Alex gave herself a moment to admire the play of muscles in his chest as he ran a hand through his hair. He picked up the tie off the floor, where it had fallen when he yanked the sheet off the bed.
Twisting it around his hand, he raised an eyebrow at her. Alex scrambled to take off her bra.
“Not so fast, girl, nice and slow. Give me a show.”
His grin deepened when she groaned again, but she dutifully reached behind to undo her clasp. Using her arms, she kept the bra pinned to her side. She then made a big show of slipping each strap off her shoulder with her index finger. His eyes darkened further when she shrugged her shoulders. Releasing her grip on the sides of her bra, she allowed the cups to slip, as she leaned forward.
“Okay, not that slow. Show me your tits.”
She giggled at the strain in his voice, then threw her bra over her shoulder with as much flourish as she could muster. Unfortunately she almost upended the glass of water on the nightstand in the process. It wobbled precariously, before it stopped right on the edge. Alex breathed a sigh of relief at the fact that it didn’t fall.
When she looked back at Nathanial the warm affection mixed in with amusement gave her a warm glow inside. Mindful of his instructions, she got back on her knees, spread her legs as far they went, and grasping one globe each lifted her breasts up for her Sir’s inspection.
She caught his smile of approval, before she dropped her gaze to the bed. The knowledge that she pleased him made her feel ten feet tall inside.
“Such a good girl. Close your eyes for me. I don’t want you to see, just feel.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“That’s my good girl.” She heard the smile in his voice. In the next instant, the bed dipped. Something soft and silky trailed across the tips of her engorged nipples. The slight contact sent frissons of excitement down her spine. When his hot breath ghosted across the sensitive flesh she didn’t even try to stop her moan.
“That’s my girl. I want to hear you. I want to hear every little moan and sigh. When I eat you out, finally allow you to come, I want to hear you scream. Does my beautiful pet think she can do that for me?”
His deep, dark voice pulled her under. Alex knew she would have done about everything for him right now. Her clit pulsed and her internal muscles clenched in desperate need for his touch, as he resumed the erotic torture of her nipples with what she assumed must be his tie. He alternated the soft strokes of the fabric with licks of his tongue. She jumped when he sucked one hardened peak into his mouth, while torturing the other side with feather light caresses of his silky tie.
Every suck and pull from his mouth sent darts of need down to her clit. Her thighs grew damp, her thong gave up the fight in containing the liquid evidence of her arousal, and she whimpered in need, pushing her breasts farther into his mouth.
A sharp swat to her thigh was her answer. Alex groaned her disappointment when she felt him withdraw.
“Hold still, pet, or I’ll start with that punishment after all. In fact…”
Before she knew what was happening the air shifted. In the next instant, he’d pushed her face down onto the bed. She jumped when he cupped her mound through the sodden lace of her underwear, rubbed his palm up and down her slit with just enough pressure to ramp up her arousal even more but not enough to come.
“So fucking wet for me already. You’re getting wetter by the minute, girl. Tell me is it me or the thought of punishment that turns you on?” he asked.
“You Sir … ouch.”
The resulting slap to her ass stung like crazy. It meant she would have collapsed onto the bed, had he not grasped her hips and pulled her ass back into the air. His hands on her backside soothed the sting from his earlier swat. Alex groaned when she felt him kiss the globe he’d just hit. He followed that gentle touch with a bite hard enough to make her yelp, before he soothed that sting away with his lips.
“I love your ass, baby. I should warn you, I like to bite, leave my marks. Is that okay with you?”
The strain in his voice was music to her ears. She panted the only answer she could give to that far too arousing thought.
“God, yes, Sir. Green, I’m green, please don’t stop.”

 Author bio

Doris is a writer of sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get.  From contemporary to paranormal, Sci-fi, BDSM, F/F, M/M, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.

Happily married for the last twenty-five years, she lives with her husband and their brood of nine in a far too small house filled with love, laughter, and chaos.

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Monday, 19 October 2015

One more carrot and someone is going to die.
When Grace Benedict takes a new job at an all-night lab, she knows it’s going to be a different kind of gig. What kind of lab is in the same building as a bondage club anyway? Sporting her new pencil skirt and heels, she’s raring to go otherwise its move back into her parents’ basement and that is so not going to happen. What she didn’t count on were the vampires.

Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 29
Heat: Erotic romance m/f with some f/f elements
Genre: Paranormal romance/BBW/vampires

Buy links:
Evernight Publishing:

“Where is this magic water?” Grace crossed her arms and raised her eyebrow, giving him a provocative look. “Better yet, let’s see it actually in practice. Work your fang boy mojo on me.” Grace wiggled her fingers and made a mocking Dracula cape motion. “Come on. I’ll be your devil’s advocate.”
“Are you sure about this? We had primarily wanted you as a liaison between the patients and the vampires. Someone to monitor their progress. We never intended you to be a participant, Grace.” He backed toward the counter and produced a small bottle of water that he handed over to her.
She snatched it out of his hands and stared at it. Just a nondescript 6oz. bottle of water. Inconspicuous label. No real markings. Interesting.
“You may want to sit while it takes effect.”
Grace rolled her eyes, unscrewed the cap and gulped it down. She had been thirstier than she thought and was eager to prove this was no more than a bunch of scientists playing on people’s insecurities. Fangs or not.
“Please sit, Grace. The chemicals tend to hit rather quickly.” He pushed her toward the stool and caught her as she began to weave on her feet.
“Hey. You drugged me!” Her head was muzzy. Her body began to heat up in some very interesting places. Her breasts felt heavy, the nipples hardening as the fabric of her bra rubbed against them. The endorphins flooded into her and her body began to pulse.
 Oh wow.
Waves of desire cascaded over her senses. As she watched the good doctor talking, all she could do was imagine what it would be like to unzip that tight pair of jeans and have at it. She closed her eyes at the mental image and shivered. The doctor was fucking hot.

When I write hot scenes, I love to create a playlist in my mind of what’s going on with my characters. Here are a few songs that make me think of Grace and her hottie vampire doctor:

Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding
Cold by Annie Lennox
Under the Influence by Elle King
Chandelier by Sia
Meet Me in the Middle by Jessie Ware

About the author:
Erzabet Bishop is an award winning author who loves to write naughty stories. She is the author of Lipstick, Dinner Date, Arcane Imaginarium: Spirit Board, Holidays in Hell, Mallory’s Mark (upcoming 2016),The Devil’s Due (upcoming 2016), Charity Benshaw’s Enchanted Paddle Emporium (upcoming 2016),Tethered, Sigil Fire, Glitter Lust (upcoming 2016), Written on Skin, Club Beam, Pomegranate, Fantasies in Red, Sweet Seductions: The Erzabet Bishop Collection, Holiday Cruise, Fetish Fair, Temptation Resorts: Jess, Temptation Resorts: Marnie, Taming the Beast, The Erotic Pagans Series: Beltane Fires, Samhain Shadows and Yuletide Temptation along with being a contributor to many anthologies. Erzabet has been a finalist in the GCLS awards for 2014 and 2015. She lives in Texas with her husband, furry children and can often be found lurking in local bookstores. She loves to bake, make naughty crochet projects and watch monster movies. When she isn’t writing, she loves to review music and books.

Follow her reviews and posts on Twitter @erzabetbishop.

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

What a week! My youngest has been sick which means no writing. Poor Chaos :-( He's been ever so patient with me. His mate not so much. She's demanding her story be told so she can get on with her happily ever after with her man. I better get a move on because before I know it edits for Judge's story will arrive, plus relief work can come about at any time.
I'm off to my parents' place to celebrate my mum's birthday today and my youngest should be going back to school tomorrow. So that will mean bum on chair for me, typing as fast as I can. Speak to you all later :-)

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Well my family and I made it back from our trip safely - tired but satisfied. We saw many wondrous sights across a number of terrains, including:




Now allow me to share with you the things I learnt on this road trip.
  1. My boys are capable of reducing their methane emission when the need arises. Hubby and I told them that farting was not allowed within the confines of the campervan. It took them two days before breaking the rule (and wind).
  2. We discovered a new game on the drive - Dodge the Blue Tongue Lizard. The heat was up so they were constantly endeavouring to discover the warmest  place to sun bake. The road seemed to be a favourite spot for most them.
  3. NECESSITY DEFINITELY TRUMPS PREFERENCE. I was forced to do the one thing I swore I would never do - use one of those holes in the ground campers like to call toilets. My stomach gave me little choice unfortunately, but one good thing did come out of it. It helped my eldest get over his aversion to peeing outside. He took one look in the so called toilet and went outside to water a tree.
  4. In the Northern Territory, around Uluru fashion is a little different. The phrase 'Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise' takes on a whole new meaning. Bling has been replaced by fly nets. They come in a range of colours, with one purpose - to keep the flies away from your head. After a fly flew up one of my nostrils, I decided to buy what quickly became my new favourite head wear. Now if only they would accessorise the nets with something other than flies.
  5. Finally, DON'T GET READY FOR BED TIRED. We've all heard the saying, don't drive tired, well we discovered that driving wasn't the only thing you weren't meant to do when you're feeling sleepy. After a busy day driving, hubby and I were trying to organise the campervan for the night. We had just set up the boys bed when we noticed little bugs flying around the light. Every time we got rid of some, more would appear. We couldn't figure out where they were coming from and ended up convinced that there must have been a gap in one of the windows. It turned out there was a huge gap where I had forgotten to close the back door after getting the bedding out. Opps!
As you can see we had an absolutely wonderful trip (one that I have no desire to repeat mind you). The boys got many souvenirs, while I bought one. I think it's the most appropriate thing I could have bought to remember this trip. Here is it below;