Sunday, 9 November 2014

Okay, now I know I promised to remain more up to date in here, but I have been desperately trying to get my first book of the first ever series from Emma Anderson completed. Now that I have accomplished that I thought I might share a little about the characters who appear in this series.

The Fall of the Horsemen of Sin City (working title)
The characters are loosely based around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (mainly their backstories).
Devil (Death) is a vampire who only understands the negative emotions in life. He's a man who speaks with his fists, and isn't afraid to take a life if he believes they are deserving.
Gabby is his mate. She's a human who wants what most girls want, a loving, caring relationship. Early in their relationship, Devil warns her that that wasn't possible. He experiences no such emotions.
Viper (Conquest-book 2) is a Fae who loves women. He's not ready to settle down, there are too many women out there for him to enjoy. But no matter how much he fights it, Fate has other plans for him. As a fighter, he is aptly named. He strikes his victims before most of them are even aware of the danger they are in.
Judge (War-book 3) is a mountain lion shifter who flirts with anything in a skirt. His easy going personality is a front for the Alpha within him. He sets the rules and expects them to be followed to the letter. When he first met Gabby, he was disappointed that she wasn't his mate. He saw a strength in her that was well suited to his position as Alpha of the local mountain lion pride. But have no fear, his mate is close by, ready to steal his heart.
Chaos (Famine-book 4) is a warlock who has found his mate already, but has yet to claim her. In his opinion she's still too young to handle the likes of him. He's the chef at the Hotel/Casino that the brother's in arms own. In his profession, he creates havoc with people's tastebuds. With his moods, he creates havoc all around. His huge frame carries great strength and power. Nothing compared to his tiny human mate. For her sake, he waits. But has he waited too long?

Sorry, but I can't give too much about the other three mates away. You'll just have to read the first book to see if there are any clues as to who they may be. (Note: not even the brothers know who Chaos's mate is, though each one of them have their suspicions).

Please note, from the 15th Nov I won't be around too much. My family and I are going on holiday. But hopefully when I return I will have some news on Devil Takes His Innocent (book 1 of the series).