Thursday, 15 May 2014

My latest book, His Forbidden Mate, now has a release date. It's 26th June 2014!

Lily Childs’s life takes a dramatic turn when she discovers her whole existence has been a lie. She’s the High Priestess, and a half demon. Her day gets worse when she’s told her demon half-brother wants to kill her. Then the man, who has her hormones dancing, openly rejects her.
Dustin, a horse shifter, has met his mate. One he cannot claim. As the commander of the elite guard to the High Priestess, he’s forced to keep his fast emerging emotions for Lily at bay. Otherwise, it could prove deadly for both of them. When he realises that rejecting her is a mistake, he tries to make amends.

Lily doesn’t trust Dustin not to reject her again, especially when he discovers who her father is. His enemy. Can Dustin allay her fears? Or has he already lost her? Will her half-brother succeed in denying the Earth a High Priestess, and Dustin, his mate before he can win her trust?

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sorry, I have been absent for so long. I have been under Dr's orders to stay off the computer for a while. I will admit that I snuck on Facebook occasionally, which is quite surprising really. I have failed to make friends with any form of social media, so I assumed Facebook would be the last thing I missed, but I did. If only my blog was as easy to navigate! Just to write this post, it has taken me nearly an hour to remember how to get into the dashboard. (Please feel free to laugh, I too have had a chuckle at myself! It was either laugh or throw the computer out of the window. Laughing is cheaper and the euphoric effects of it last longer than the satisfaction of hearing my computer being smashed to smithereens). 

Anyway, the real reason for this post is to let everyone know that my latest book His Forbidden Mate has been accepted by Siren Publishing. It's due for release in July and as soon as I have any further information I will keep you informed. Especially now I'm no longer on restrictions.