Sunday, 7 June 2015

Yesterday, I was partying with some lovely people, celebrating Mardi Maxwell's latest release in The Doms of Club Mystique series, The Ramsey Doms. An amazing book from an amazing author.

The Ramsey brothers have been told that Thor Larkin and Marisol Rios might have been killed by Carlos Mendez. Cade Ramsey refuses to believe that his business partner and best friend is dead. He leaves his pregnant wife, Addison, with his brothers while he goes to Colombia to search for Thor and Marisol. His father, Nate MacLeod and his fiancé Nymph go with him as well as Dirk and Sabre McCabe and their wife, Bridget. While they're away from the ranch the other Ramsey brothers and their fiancés keep an eye on Addison and make plans for their own futures. The holidays come and go and Addison grows closer to the birth of her child. Will Cade find Thor and make it home in time to see his child born? Will wedding bells be ringing on the Ramsey Ranch for Jackson and Jenna, Luc and Cassie and Logan, or Zane and Ravyn?

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