Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Such much for my plan to write over the weekend. By Saturday morning I had a black eye, compliments of the surgery. My hubby banned me from going on the computer until the swelling went down. Now for those of you who know me would know that that wouldn't have stopped me if I felt okay. Unfortunately keeping the eye open for too long turned out to be a difficult feat. It would feel gritty, as if it had dried out. So I conceded that I would do as I was told for possibly once in my life.
My mum always shares the story of how she had to learn early. If she told me to do something I would stubbornly refuse. If she asked, I would do anything for her. My hubby of twelve years still hasn't learnt this lesson it would seem.
Anyway, it is now Tuesday. My stitches have been removed, my eye is almost back to normal and I managed to get some writing done. Yay!

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